Governments and businesses globally are experiencing financial losses, reputational damage and the loss of human life due to advanced cyber threats and cybercrime. Highly motivated attackers, using advanced attack vectors, have altered the threat landscape drastically. Organisations have invested in multiple endpoint solutions to protect their businesses, however none of these signature-based technologies efficiently detect network-wide vulnerabilities in real-time, nor are these technologies able to defend against unknown cyber threats.

These constant changes combined with the fact that cyber criminals are currently able to conduct organisational attacks during a single night and will continue to attack regardless of the time of day; renders traditional point-in-time security assessments redundant. Globally, the growth of IT networks has exponentially increased points of vulnerability and require a mechanised defence to operate at scale. Our purpose is to work with our clients to solve these problems and other cyber security threats which organisations face daily.

Our technology

Panthera (NDR)

Protection for vulnerable unpatched, misconfigured or unsupported operating systems and firmware.

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Guardian (SIEM & SOAR)

Defence against potentially compromised third-party networks, cloud-based platforms and devices.

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Mirage (Deception)

Mirage instances mimic the behaviour of critical assets within the network.

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