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The pace of change and ability for attackers to conduct attacks literally overnight have made traditional point-in-time security assesments redundant. Growth of IT networks have exponentially increased points of vulnerability and require a mechanised defence to operate at scale. Snode was created to solve these problems.

Stronger together

Snode’s technology uses Intelligence Amplification (IA), whereby the power of machine learning is augmented with a trained individual’s insight. Out of this fusion of human intelligence and a machine’s processing power, companies are able to make the best possible decision for their business.

Intelligently secure

Just one of the critical applications for better intelligence is cybersecurity. Today’s businesses are susceptible to attacks that can be perpetrated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stopping attackers in their tracks, before they compromise a business’s security, reputation and livelihood is no easy task.

Drilling down

But it can be done. To this end, Snode uses continuous real-time monitoring, machine assisted threat detection, proactive incident response and predictive risk analytics.

The human touch

This is complemented with Snode-supported cybersecurity analysts who detect, analyse and report on all emerging threats. The result is a holistic line of defence that can prevent and contain cybersecurity incidents before they become a disaster for the business.

Snode is a data analytics business, which combines mathematics and machines to process enormous amounts of data to identify trends, anomalies and patterns of behaviour that were previously impossible to identify with a human eye. This enables leaders, across multiple industry sectors, to make well-informed business decisions.

three core pillars

Data Fusion

Data Fusion

Whether that be voice, video, or text, Snode can handle it all by simplifying it down to one common denominator; numbers.

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

Visualisation is a crucial element that allows our clients to easily view and manage the large volumes of data that pass through their network every day. It allows them to have a complete and concise overview of all activity in real time and allows the analyst to interact with the data at any level.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics

Snode’s ability to recognise patterns of behaviour, specifically precursors to events, allows your analyst to predict potential risk exposure, threat activity and security incidents. Such insights will facilitate a highly efficient proactive response, rapid threat containment and effective cyber risk management.

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Each Snode deployment will consist of one or more SecureNode appliances with our SnodeOS operating system. All SecureNodes will
automatically intergrate into our cloud-based platform, providing the client with a web based SuperNode analytics platform. 

Secure Node

  • Non-obtrusive passive (agentless) detection engine.
  • Collection and processing of disparate data sources.
  • Can process up to 60 million transactions per second per data source.
  • Modular software design for custom engineering and rapid deployment.

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Synergy Node

  • Real-time threat detection and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Network vulnerability discovery and reporting.
  • Software modules for rapid technology integration.
  • Learning machines, processing complex business rules, and detecting behavioural patterns using in-flight analytics.
  • Machine assisted predictive analytics platform with anomaly detection.

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Surface Node

  • Dynamic visualizations, allowing analysts to navigate and interact with large sets of data at any level.
  • Filtering and search functionality offering analysts real-time and predictive views.
  • Off-line data processing at scale, providing forensic readiness and trend analysis for prediction.
  • Integrated incident management enriched with real-time contextual alerting, supporting multiply platforms.

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Cybersecurity Dashboard


Cybersecurity Analyst Training

Snode analyst training.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

24/7 cybersecurity monitoring service.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Security consulting and assessments.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis, investigation and response.

Intelligence Network

Access to Snode’s global intelligence networks.

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