Snode Guardian

Snode Guardian offers point-in-time assessments and penetration testing using the Guardian cybersecurity platform to identify any existing vulnerabilities or threats on your network. At the end of the assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report of the findings combined with guidance and advice on how to remediate the issues uncovered.

Snode Guardian Consulting

You want to be able to determine how effective your cybersecurity really is and to ensure that your current posture is strong enough to defend against the latest and greatest cyber threats. Guardian consulting offers you the services to determine the effectiveness of your existing security controls, policies and procedures and to identify the level of risk in your environment.

Our analysts assess your network based on an international best practice framework and provide a consolidated report of findings together with detailed recommendations on how to remediate risks and improve your overall posture. Where necessary, we work together with your IT and Risk Audit teams to develop an Information Security Roadmap ensuring that your business is aligned to the highest industry standards.

Snode Guardian Managed Services

Guardian Managed Services is specifically tailored for each individual organisation and is targeted toward customers that either don’t have their own dedicated cybersecurity team or simply wish to outsource their cybersecurity function altogether. We not only provide you with the cybersecurity platform but support the platform with a full 24/7 monitoring function manned by our in-house team of cyber analysts, as well as various consulting, risk audit and management functions depending on organisational requirements.