Our Story

The Snode story all started around 8 years ago, with roots in consulting and penetration testing. During the foundation years, Founder and CIO Nithen Naidoo, realised that the entire way we look at defence is flawed because of how easy it was becoming to break into systems. This, combined with the fact that each year the cost of cybercrime to the global economy continues to increase, raised the question of

“How secure are we really?”

This realisation gave rise
to the conceptualisation &
subsequent creation of the
Snode platform

Snode was created with the vision of giving individuals and businesses alike the freedom to make their own decision; the freedom to use technology to make their lives easier without the constant worry of someone stealing their ideas.

Snode Cybersecurity Platform

In 2016, we officially launched the Snode Cybersecurity Platform to the public and since then we have been able to provide a new level of security and peace of mind to customers in a variety of industry verticals; from mining, right the way through to telecommunications and banking.