Cybersecurity Platform

In this ever-changing technological landscape, organisations are forced to find new ways to increase their security posture and minimise their risk. The Guardian cybersecurity platform utilises learning machines, mathematics, and a synergy between both human and artificial intelligence (Intelligence Amplification) to monitor, detect and proactively respond to all threats on every device within your network, from traditional desktop computers through to BYOD, cloud and IoT devices.

Make the unknown…

Easy-to-read, real-time, interactive visualisations combined with behavioural-based technologies and predictive analytics allows our customers to make informed data-driven decisions and identify problems before they happen.

Snode is the easiest
& most intelligent way to gain complete visibility

Through the belief in intelligence amplification (IA) and the use of real-time monitoring, machine assisted threat detection, proactive incident response and predictive risk analytics, an analyst has all the tools necessary to detect, analyse and report on all emerging issues.

Our 3 Core Pillars

Data Visualisation

Visualisation is a crucial element that allows our clients to easily view and manage the large volumes of data that is created every day. It allows them to have a complete and concise overview of all activity in real time, allows the analyst to interact with the data at any level as well as gives the analyst the ability to detect anomalous behaviour that would previously have been impossible to identify.

Data Fusion

Regardless of the data source; whether that be voice, video or text; we handle it all by simplifying it down to one common denominator; numbers. These numbers can be processed on a petabyte scale allowing for near real-time detection and response.

Predictive Analytics

The use of tailored mathematical algorithms to recognise patterns of behaviour, specifically precursors to events, that allows our trained analysts to predict potential risk exposure, activity and notable incidents.

What We Do

Human-Oriented Design

We don’t believe purely in Artificial Intelligence (AI), but rather in Intelligence Amplification (IA); a system whereby humans and machines each play a vital role and by seamlessly integrating the two and allowing each to do what they are good at, we can create a platform that is unlike any other.

Problem Solving on A Massive Scale

We believe that no problem is unsolvable and will constantly challenge what is deemed possible. We are driven not by the scale of the problem to solve, but rather by the impact of the solution in addressing that problem.

Belief in The Greater Good

We stay focused on our mission to achieve one thing and that’s to make a fundamental difference in the world as we know it; to become a part of future generations and organisations by contributing to the world of today.