Cybersecurity Platform

With Guardian, you can see everything happening on every machine you own, all over the world, in one dashboard, in real-time. The good, the bad and the ugly; complete visibility, complete peace of mind.

Complete Network Visibility, Complete Peace of Mind

In our experience, what we have found is that today’s businesses face 4 main challenges when it comes to cyber security

There is no consolidated view of all activity across your heterogeneous architecture.

Current signature based technologies are no match for highly motivated attackers.

Advanced persistent threats require real-time detection and proactive response.

Events lack enrichment and context to empower data driven decision-making.

Our Core Elements

Secure Node

The Secure Node can process up to 60 million transactions per second per data source and can be configured in one of two ways depending on the client requirements. Firstly, as a passive detection engine, which sniffs all data passing through the network and alerts you to any potential threats or attacks without having any direct impact on your network. Alternatively, it can be configured in-line and set to actively block any malicious or suspicious IPs or devices.

The Secure Node(s), in either configuration, includes the following:

  • Real-time analytics, anomaly and threat detection.

  • Network vulnerability discovery.

  • Software modules for rapid technology integration.

  • Protocol specific statistics with deep packet inspection.

  • High volume data capture and robust messaging.

  • Manual and automated response services.

Snode Cloud Service (SCS)

SCS is responsible for the processing of all the data received from the Secure Node. Whether that be voice, video or text; Guardian can handle it all by simplifying it down to one common denominator; numbers. These numbers are then processed using specifically tailored mathematical algorithms on a petabyte scale to recognise patterns of behaviour, specifically precursors to events, that allows an analyst to predict potential risk exposure, threat activity and security incidents.

SCS is responsible for the following:

  • Machine assisted predictive analytics platform with anomaly detection.

  • Dynamic data visualisations which allow analysts to interact with data at any level.

  • Modular software design for ease of customisation and rapid deployment.


Interactive data visualisation

Real-Time Threat Detection and Response

Integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure

Can be configured to be either passive (detection) or active (detection and response)

24/7 Monitoring by trained cyber analysts

Supported by real-time contextual alerting